Key Signs That You Might Need Relationship Counselling

Couples coming to relationship counselling do so for a variety of reasons. There are no end of environmental factors putting pressure on couples today from stretched family budgets, through pressure at work or interference from family and friends. Perhaps couples feel that relationship counselling is only for those couples in which there is infidelity or where splitting up is imminent. While these are serious crisis and things that can be addressed in relationship counselling they are not the only reason you might want to book a session.

If any of the following are true in your relationship then you should seriously consider getting outside help, such as counselling for your relationship.

If there is any sort of abuse: emotional, physical or sexual. Remember that abuse is not limited to domestic violence, abuse can be emotional too. Perhaps your partner always runs you down or threatens to leave you with the children unless you bend to their will. If one partner is using their power to coerce or force you to act in a way you are uncomfortable with then you should get help. Abuse is not okay ever and you need help to get it stopped.

If you find yourself fighting with your partner all of the time constantly finding faults… If your conversation has become a list of why you dislike your partner… It is a real sign of a problem and counselling can help you to reconnect and communicate in a more effective way including discussing ‘faults’

You feel that you are flat-mates more than a couple. You lead almost separate lives and rarely if ever do anything together. Perhaps that you feel you watch TV at night on the sofa together, but even this is a separation of sorts as you are not interacting with each other. Perhaps it is just a pattern that you have slipped into; however, many have found that relationship counselling has rekindled that love that you had at the start.

I have left infidelity till last; I imagine that every couple would recognise it as a danger to their relationship. Infidelity disclosed or not will make a difference to your relationship. One partner will be less engaged in the relationship. The other partner can feel a range of feelings rejection, anger, frustration and betrayal. It represents a huge crisis and you need to address it either by open honest communication or through relationship counselling.